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5 Affordable Ways to Improve the look of your Hotel

In this article, you will learn about 5 affordable ways to improve the look of your hotel. Guests staying in the hotels love luxuries and comfortable stay, that a quality hotel can only provide. When travellers are browsing for hotels online, they check the hotel rooms that are comfortable and value for money. Typically, the hotels that are having better-looking rooms lead to more clicks on the interior decorators in Gurgaon, which leads to more bookings. So, how do you tackle that dated look of your hotel without huge remodellings? Here are 5 cheap ways to modernize the look & feel of your hotel room, urging travellers to book your hotel:


Ways to Improve the look of your Hotel

1 Change Patterned linens



Guests want their hotel rooms to look and feel good. Update your linens on a budget, swap old patterned quilts for some new solid-coloured quilts. Choose neutral colours, or go for elegant white blankets.

TIP: According to a study From Economy to Luxury, what values the most to the Hotel Guests, that the travellers from all price ranges look for services that have a comfy bed. The quality of your sheetings impacts their judgment of comfort significantly.


2 Paint walls with Neutral Tones




All hotels should update the look of their walls. Give your hotel rooms a much-required, reasonable facelift by simply painting them with pale pastels or natural, neutral tones.

Guests value interiors that are modern and make you feel relaxed and warm on a long trip. It is true, that travellers prefer modern hotel interiors, and they also want to incorporate them into their personal home decor.
TIP: Give your guests something to experience and open up space with a light colour palette. Get some ideas from the internet to see professional colour-palette ideas.

3 Remove Dated Pictures




They recall little emotion, they were also reasonably cheap, to start with, and really they have no significance to your hotel’s design concept. It is time to get rid of them. Guests staying in your hotel, are looking out for memorable hotel sojourns. Millennials crave the unique. So, replace these old prints for art, impactful pictures of your purpose, or vintage items that may help to explain the story of your hotel. It can be an economical fix for your hotel which gives a notable impact.

TIP: Local art can be bought on a loan from a town gallery in trade for the promotion of your hotel. Hanging on some impactful pictures of your destination can be a DIY project. Hire a satisfactory photographer and ask him to take some good pictures of historical landmarks and print those pictures. You may also print these onto a canvas.


4 Invest in Comfortable, Modern Chairs



Most of the hotels follow a traditional concept in furnishing rooms: a chair, a closet, two nightstands, a desk, and a bed.
Guest wants to relax when they are staying at a hotel. Give them a chair that looks modern and is comfortable. Many architects will recommend you to use natural fibres where possible and try to mix textures.

When picking up new chairs, consider the shapes and overall comfort because you will need to offer something that is functional and attractive.
TIP: Try to mix and match different colours and styles in your hotel rooms so they can fit into your neutral and soft-colour palettes. Before buying multiple chairs, test one out to check how it looks in the room.

5 Rearrange Room Layout




Lots of hotels use an out-dated room layout. If your hotel is also having an out-dated layout, then try to be unique in order to catch the attention of guests. An easy and cheap way to make your hotel rooms stand out is by changing the flow of the room’s layout. This makes the rooms to appear unique and inviting.

TIP: Try moving chairs and sofas around so that they are not against a single wall. Give a suite-like look by setting the desk and chair toward the windowpane, or you may place the sofa opposite to the bed.



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