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5 Interior Design Ideas for Small Flats


In this article, you will learn about 5 Interior design ideas for small flats. For many people, small apartment living is an interesting, dreamy concept. For others, it’s the reality. Living in a small space has its advantages and disadvantages, of course – and the fact is that you’ll likely be paring down and simplifying your life fits into both of those categories with relieve.

This is a guide packed with ideas on how to beautify your small apartment to make it feel cheerful, bright, and we even say spacious. So make yourself relaxing and browse through the article below for encouragement and advice on small apartment decorating.


Interior Design Ideas for Small Flats


1. Paint walls white.




As a reflector of each and every colour, white has an innate ability to visually expand a space. Walls and ceilings painted white (with light-coloured floors) lighten and brighten a space, and they disguise the actual edges of the space, making it look and feel bigger.


2. Incorporate Splashes of Bright colour




Where large expanses of bright or dark colours tend to overcome a small space, pops of bold, vivacious colour throughout an otherwise white or neutral space add style, qualities, and energy. Plus, the strategic placement of these splashes of colour aid to guide the eye through space, given a “visual tour” that makes the whole space seem larger.


3. Think Vertical




Always think vertical. It’s no secret that a small space is small – the secret comes in making that space politely perform almost every task you require of a home. Utilizing vertical space is important in accomplishing this. Floor-to-ceiling shelving and window treatments here create a feeling of lavishness and spaciousness without increasing the floor square footage.


4. Incorporate Multi-tasking Furniture




This one’s a no-brainer, actually. If you have a lesser amount of space, you must have less space-taking-up furniture and fixtures. But that doesn’t denote your life is less complex. Keep a keen eye out for furniture that performs at least two functions, for instance, coffee table-turned-office station.


5.  Use Useful Wall “Art” and Utilize creative Storage Solution




While shelves of books set on top of a desk may not instantly seem like “art,” you can get a lot of style miles out of useful wall-mounted pieces. Take care in the position and design of box shelves, for example, and you introduce colour and storage in a gorgeous one-two punch. Another great idea for incorporating storage is to build it around your furniture – a loveseat sofa set into a cosy nook of modern cupboards looks amazing and provides useful “invisible” storage.



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