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6 Best Kitchen Décor Ideas

In this article, you will learn about 6 best kitchen decor ideas. More than just a space for eating and cooking, the kitchen is the place is where all of the action in the home takes place. We practically live in our kitchens. From gathering together on Saturday mornings as a family entertaining guest, the kitchen is the true heart of the home. Whether you’re redecorating, renovating, or simply updating this space, before making any changes, consider how you live.


Best Kitchen Decor Ideas

1. The Secret to Color or Color Story


The-Secret-to-Color-or-Color Story

Colour is one of the most inexpensive and fastest ways to update or decorate a room. The secret to such great, colourful Kitchen is in the three colour palette:

Colour 1: An existing kitchen colour changing which is not possible. This may be the colour of the cabinets or countertop.

Colour 2: A neutral of your choice, which you can use for the new wall colour that complements colour 1. It will serve as the backdrop for the kitchen.

Colour 3: The colour that gives your kitchen a unique feel. It’s often an unexpected and bold colour that works with your palette. Basically, Color 3 adds pop to your kitchen. Use it as a statement piece for your accessories like vases, bar stools or cookware.


2. The Best Kitchen Décor Ideas Start With a Focal Point


Try to see your kitchen the same way a visitor would for the first time. Walk into your kitchen and think about the things you notice. Is the very first thing you see, something you like? If that is not the case, what would you rather notice first? Answer these questions and make that specific spot along with the closest wall your focal point. Focal points visually or apparently jump out at you. The focal point is bold and unique in comparison to the rest of the kitchen. To create or design a focal wall, try using one of these techniques:

• Paint it in the bold shade you chose or selected for your three colour palette

• You could hang a large piece of art on the focal wall

• Use patternedortextural wallpaper

Be fearless and as creative as possible when dressing up your focal point as its just one wall.


3. Add the Latest Trend in Kitchen Décor — Open as well as Additional Shelving


Add-the-Latest-Trend-in-Kitchen Décor


If you’ve updated your kitchen with fashion-forward, fresh colours and a focal wall, now is the time to add layers. The latest trend in kitchen décor is the open shelf, upper-cabinet-free kitchens. The look lightens or brightens a kitchen up by creating visual space, but requires you to hide all the mismatched glasses and Tupperware in fewer cabinets.

Instead of tearing out or removing your upper cabinets, try updating your kitchen designers in Gurgaon by placing one or two floating shelves on an open wall. Floating shelves come in various styles and are quite easy to install. Keep the floating shelf colour coordinated and display items minimal for a magazine-ready look.

For a bigger change, remove or tear out a selected upper wall cabinet’s doors and wallpaper or paint the back of the cabinet. Thus now you have a new open display shelf. Add LED under-cabinet lighting to highlight the items, in order to give your new display life. If cabinet wiring is an issue, battery-powered lights are available. For additional storage find places to add shelving. A row of narrow shelves, added to a kitchen island, can be perfect or best for cookbooks. Look for additional places including places like over a counter, or corners.


4. The Carefully Curated Kitchen Wall




Using your personality, set your kitchen apart. Gallery wall collections are popular with magazines and designers because they’re unique and can make a boring wall interesting. Gather or collect your favourite objects together and use them as kitchen wall décor.

Some of the kitchen décor ideas for a gallery wall collection include:

• Album covers that are framed

• Baskets

• Framed fabric swatches or wallpaper

• Vintage dishes

• Empty, antique frames of different sizes and shapes

• A variety of mirrors

There are no absolute or concrete rules when creating a gallery wall. Patterned, symmetrical or freestyle placement are all pretty good approaches. In order to save time and reduce the number of mistakes, arrange your collection on the floor before hanging it on the wall for the best placement and spacing.


5. More Counter Space



If your aim is to create a contemporary kitchen space, one of the most important or essential design elements is uncluttered, minimalist kitchen counters. This not only increases the counter area but looks modern as well, making it easier to prep and cook. The first step is to put away all small countertop items and appliances. Some other ideas in order to increase counter space include:

• A ceramic cooktop that is low-profile. Today’s electric cooktops are sleek and modern at the same time. They have the added benefit or advantage of being almost flush with the counters, so when not in use, you can place a cutting board or other items on it.

• A cover for the cooktop. If you have a gas range, you can buy a cover for it so you can safely work on your stove when it is not in use.

• A rolling cartorbutcher block as additional counter space. Purchase one with wheels, or add a set yourself so when not in use, you can wheel it out of the way. Also, add a couple of or few simple stools to your rolling butcher block for an instant breakfast bar.


6. Corner Care




Think beyond the primary or key functions of the kitchen and consider how it can seamlessly or perfectly extend into the other areas of your home. It’s time to create a balanced flow when a few rooms spill into the kitchen that can be accomplished with a simplified and cohesive colour palette. You can use the splashes of red weave into different looks like the cushioned bench, kitchen counter accents, and living room window treatments and side chair.





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