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Tips for a Pocket-Friendly Makeover of Your Living Home




In this article, you will learn about tips for a pocket friendly makeover of your living home.One of the basic and economical ways to give a new look to your living room can only be by emphasizing on a particular corner or an object.


1. Create a Focal Point



One of the basic and efficient ways to give a new look to your living room can simply be by emphasizing on a particular corner or an object. if the television is the main point, draw attention towards it by decorating the cabinet with artwork and let whole design (furniture, decorative, etc.)revolve around it. This method can be applied to smarten-up other rooms and won’t cost you a penny.Regarding this interior designer in gurgaon are do a great work.


2. Update your Existing Accessories




Buying new furniture to meet a fresh color scheme or design can be expensive. Rather, take the refurbishing route to cut costs. “Rather than buying a sofa set, get the upholstery changed, add matching covers or apply a coat or two where the edges have become rough.


3. Change Perspective



Ever thought how moving the couch to another location, adding a side table or getting rid of the excess furniture can give a refreshing newness to the living space? Rearranging furniture is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to redecorate a room. So play around until you find a pleasing arrangement that satisfies you.



4. Get New Flooring



If you are tired of the boring old floor, get rid of it. No, we are not asking you to repair the flooring or do wall-to-wall carpeting. That’s a high-priced affair. Alternatively, getting an area rug to cover the floor or creating a color-coordinated rug mosaic can be an intelligent and reasonable way to give your living room a new lease of life and color price.


5. Hit the Thrift Shop



Elegant home decors come with heavy price tags. Not if you know where to shop from. There are excellent deals one can find at a flea market, especially if you are looking for handicraft and other ethnic stuff. All you have to have is an eye for the right thing coupled with a little bit of thought and you can pick beautiful items at an incredible price.



6. Go Green



Having plants in the living room always combines both color and freshness to the room at a nominal cost. “You can order a couple of planters in a corner or add a cluster near the hallway. If you want something flamboyant, a combination of a miniature water fountain and planters with some ambient concealed lighting is another way to display them,”. If maintaining live plants is a dilemma, you can consider artificial options as well.



7. Maintain a Theme


Do you have mismatched accessories in your bedroom? Making small additions and alterations like changing bedcovers and curtains, adding pillows in a complementary pattern, using slipcovers on furniture or getting them coated will help to coordinate the items in the room to a particular color scheme at a reasonable rate.



8. Alter the lights



Seeing your old room in a new light can be a delightful change. Altering the lighting system and fixtures is another simple and low-cost way to give a room a whole new feel and color. And if turned into one of the do-it-yourself projects, the costs can further be decreased.



9. Borrow from other Rooms


Sense a need for a sitting arrangement in your bedroom? But purchasing new furniture would break the budget. How about shifting that extra armchair and the side table from the living room and putting them in the bedroom? “Use extra pieces from other parts of the house to fill out space and save money,”.



10. Be Creative



You don’t have to be a qualified artist, but a little imagination to create your own style. “Frame interesting pieces of fabrics to create a tapestry, add an artistic mirror on a narrow passageway to make it look double the size of that space, replace curtains with roman blinds or chicks to give your bedroom a different look and feel,”.

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