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Top 7 Elegant Rooms Designs In India



In this article, you will learn about this article, Whether it is a modern apartment in a high rise of ever-growing cities or a picturesque house in some small town, Indian homes radiate vibrancy and elegance. The decor of Indian homes is usually motivated by our rich heritage. We Indians also boost love for colors. However, with time the adaptable Indians have acquired the skills and expertise to integrate modernity with tradition.


Our interior designers work hard to come up with innovative, astonishing and inspiring design ideas to make the house a home. We dipped into the superfluity of designs available and brought for you 7 wonderful and creative interior decorating ideas to assist you to design your home. Have a look!


1. Best of Both Worlds



Now, this is something naturally graceful and vibrantly beautiful. The natural tone of stone wall blends with the colorful wall depicting nature. Take some help and break the monotony of a single element in a long wall.

2. Make it Shine


Decorative lighting can make a lot of difference in the decor. Pick it according to the setting and the space you want to highlight and enjoy the evenings appreciating your beautiful home.


3. Reflected Splendor


Cover a wall with mirror and see how smoothly it modifies the décor. The shimmering wall would double the beauty quotient of the room.

4. An Affair to Remember


We Indians adore colors! The colorful abstract painting on the colored wall tells us of the festival of color. Show your love in the most special room of your home and enjoy it with your loved ones.


5. Chic and Contemporary


As far as the kitchen is regarded, the most important requirement here is comfort and convenience. If the functional kitchen seems stylishly fashionable then it is a bonus.


6. A Walk to Remember


A fountain in the middle, decorated cubbyholes, colorful artificial plants along the walls and level stairways climbing up; you will relish to take a walk here again and again.

7. Simply Curvy


There is eternal beauty hidden in simplicity. Work with curves and let the interior of the room get drowned in its magic. The wall assembly, the furniture, and indeed light falling on the wall are curvy.

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