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Modular Kitchen Interior Designer In Gurgaon

Modular Kitchen Interior Designer In Gurgaon

We provide the best cabinetry solutions to kitchens keeping in mind the high standards of designs, services, quality, and functions. We offer all fashion of kitchen may it be the modern, traditional, contemporary, high-end luxury kitchen that completely suits a client’s personality whether you are looking for a high gloss, solid wood, laminated, glass or matte finished kitchen with latest technology and hardware equipment. We send the most comprehensive and cost-effective luxurious and modular kitchen design services in Gurgaon. We today are known as the most trusted and tested company for the luxurious modular kitchen in Gurgaon. We have designed and keep on to deliver one of the most productive, innovative and useful modular and luxurious kitchen designs, ideas and facilities in Gurgaon.

Advantages of installing a modular kitchen:

  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • Stylish and sleek, with most ease of access that comes from built-in appliances
  • Dismantling is trouble-free
  • Clutter-free kitchen with safety and sophistication
  • Modular kitchen color palette gives a wide variety of choices for the user
  • What is a modular kitchen?

    Modular kitchen is modern designs that make the most of effective utilization of space in the kitchen by placing cabinets and fixtures for storage. With modern day lifestyles and sedentary work styles, people are hardly left with any energy to wash utensils, cook meals, etc. on their own. But modular kitchen comprises of appliances, drawers, accessories, cabinets, hinges, etc. that enhances convenience in undertaking kitchen or household chores.

    How Does A Modular Kitchen Differ From A Carpenter-Made Kitchen?

    Modular kitchens consist of parts that optimize the kitchen space. The fittings and accessories of a modular kitchen are machine-made and offer a cleaner finish, as compared to carpenter made kitchens, and are available in a variety of colors and materials.

    Is There A Warranty Available For The Products Purchased?

    A well-known modular kitchen dealer will offer you a minimum warranty of two years. As for the life of a modular kitchen, it depends on the type of material used and maintenance after installation. A properly maintained modular kitchen can last years.

    What Materials Are The Countertops And The Flooring Made Of?

    According to the type of theme that you want to go with for your kitchen, you can choose on the materials required for the countertop and your kitchen floor. There are two parts to your kitchen: A non-visible area of the furniture that can be covered with plain tiles and the visible area, where you can decorate with your creativity. You can choose to use plush designer tiles, composite material or even put granite for your kitchen countertop. Granite and composite are the popular options for a countertop. With a number of options, you can, in fact, indulge in your kitchen flooring. Feel free to pick and choose from a variety of finishes like ceramic tiles, marble, mosaic tiles, vitrified tiles etc. However, do keep in mind that the kitchen flooring has to tolerate heavy items like gas cylinders, refrigerator etc. Hence, select a strong, hard surface that won’t tarnish easily with time and needs minimum maintenance.

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